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Bountiful Utah Family Photography: The {M} Family Children

Last week I was down in Utah and had the pleasure of taking photographs of these great kids, unfortunately Dad M was out of town so we couldn’t do the whole family. Mom M went ahead and had me do a shoot with the kiddos and I’m so glad she did!

 They were all SO cooperative and we got TONS of great shots of them. Here is the man of the house while Dad is away.

The camera was loving these sweet girls, and they were loving the camera right back! 

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can see each other again and we’ll make sure Dad is around.


Mountain Home Idaho Child Photographer: The {T} boys

These little men were a hoot! There was lots of dinosaur growling going on during this shoot, and running, and playing with sticks. They did hold still long enough for some pictures though, good job boys! 

There is a fun little stream running through this park. While Mommy T and I were focused on getting some shots of Baby T the older two boys managed to get in the water and then shed their shoes, socks, AND PANTS! Hysterical!! They were fast, we hadn’t even noticed until we turned to take their picture with their brother again.

Mountain Home Idaho Family Photographer: The {B} Family Boots

Those boots at the top of the blog, those are this family’s boots. The original picture was the result of a photo shoot for a class I was taking. Well it was missing a pair of feet, Little Miss L had gone in to take an nap and Mom and Dad {B} were going on a date and didn’t change into their boots. They loved they boot shot,  so they called me up and asked me to take some more pictures of their boots only with all of the boots in the picture this time.

The girls in this family clearly out number the boys:

And in case you know this family, and you don’t already know… they have another little pair of boots they are working on filling in April. I guess I’ll have to take another boot picture for them next year! Congratulations!!



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